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I'm only here to tell the story :)

I have one purpose in my advocacy and that is to tell the story. Spewing off statistics and studies is not my thing, although there is a place for that to be sure. What rolls off my tongue best are stories of the trauma I have experienced as well as the many things I have learned on this long journey. Stories help us to thread together a commonality between people. They all hold something that everyone can relate to, even if it is small and may seem meaningless to someone else. Much of what I read are biographies and memoirs, usually about those who have overcome hardships or traumas. In those stories I find pieces of myself or situations I can relate to. Even when I do pick up a book that is about a type of therapy or a study, I connect most to the human examples that are usually woven in to them by the writer. We share a common humanity and all of us desire love, peace, and to find a place in this world.

When promoting the fact that I do public speaking, I do not use the common phrase motivational speaker. The term doesn’t speak to me and I have learned to go with my gut…I will always call myself a storyteller. What is important to always remember is that everyone has a story and each are important in a special way; one is not more special or deserving of recognition than another. Life itself is a story and, dear reader, yours is special no matter what anyone says. Do not allow others to steal your light and diminish what you have experienced on your journey. I truly believe that if we really listen to each other we can find those connections which make our souls sing.

Telling stories through writing is nothing new to me as I have journalled since I was a child. Speaking has always come easy to me however changing my focus to putting the stories out to the public is a big transition. I cannot promise I will always do it well but I can promise that I will always give it my best for those who are reading them. I look forward to sharing with you and hope that I will learn some of yours too.


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