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Topics can include the following:

  • Living with mental illness

  • Resilience

  • Strategies for daily living

  • How to support someone with a mental illness

  • The First Responder perspective

  • Recovery

  • Workplace mental health 

Sessions focuses on the reality of living day to day with mental illness, including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  Storytelling is a time honoured tradition that can help bring facts to life and walk the listener through the mind of another person with the goal of finding common connection and understanding.  Stories from the Edge focuses not just on mental illness but also provides information on practical and real life strategies that anyone can utilize to improve their mental health and well being.  By creating dialogue and sharing stories, we not only decrease the stigma surrounding mental illness but also are reminded of the hope and resiliency that lies within each of us. 

Sharon does not charge for her speaking engagements, however honorariums or donations to a local mental health organization are appreciated.  Travel for speaking engagements is possible however expenses must be covered by the requesting group or organization.  Presentations can be conducted in person or virtually.

To book Sharon for a speaking engagement please send a message through the Contact section below


Sharon is a true professional and a very knowledgeable and engage speaker who will certainly capture your attention.  Her efforts to break down the stigma around mental illness, and dedication to help those with mental illness should be commended.  I would highly recommend Sharon's presentation to other organizations that are working on decreasing the stigma of mental illness through resiliency.

Josh colling

Operations Manager-Northwest/NFPP

Field and Advisory Services

Office of the Fire Marshal

Sharon truly has a gift for sharing her story and experience.  She approaches the topics that she delivers in a delicate, sensitive, and respectful manner while providing the listener with valuable insight and learning.  Beyond that, she also provides the audience with practical strategies to use for self and when supporting others.  Sharon is an absolute gem!

Julie Zdep, MSW

Coordinator, DSW Program, Confederation College

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