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I Am Enough

I am enough. Just the way that I am. Not perfect by any means….never have been and never will be. But I am enough.

I am enough because I have embraced the authentic side of myself. I no longer pretend to be perfect or make up stories to hide the truth. I don’t hide behind the mask I built so long ago. Mind you, I keep that mask close by to be sure. Why? Out of fear that one day I may need it again, however I get up each day determined to not pick it up.

I am enough because I have forgiven myself for the mistakes I have made. As I make new ones I own up to them, even when it hurts to do so. I’ve also forgiven those who have hurt me so badly that I thought I would break. I didn’t break; instead I learned who I truly was and what I could handle.

I am enough because I know I have demons and am aware of what they can do if let out to roam around free. My actions or words have hurt people and I own it fully and completely. I have frightened those who love me the most by nearly calling it quits. Yes, those demons are there, but much less scary and controlling than they have ever been before.

I am enough because I have given love, been loved, and lost love. If I love you I will love you fully and completely and without question. If you break the sacred trust that comes with that love, it is on you not me. Love is what unites us and I will wear my heart on my sleeve with no regrets.

I am enough because I always try my hardest. Even when I have so little energy that I can barely rise for the day, I give it my all. Though I may not always succeed, you can rest assured I am consistently giving everything my best effort.

I am enough because I give of myself freely and without conditions. I choose to try and make this world a better place. It does not make me soft or weak. It makes me stronger.

I am enough because I can stand in a mirror and see beauty. Despite the torturous relationship I have had with my body all my life, I have been able to learn how to love pieces of myself. There is more work to be done but the fact I have come this far is something to be proud of.

I am enough because I am still here. Life has knocked me down more times than I can count, and yet I rise again and again.

I am enough because I am me. With all my faults and all my blessings. I am me.

I am enough.


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