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No More Apologies

I’m done apologizing for who I am. That’s not to say I won’t own up to any mistakes I make and show remorse for actions that should not have been taken. But, when it comes to who and what I am, I’m no longer going to apologize for it to anyone. As a woman, I’ve often had to keep quiet and be the “bigger person”; as an overweight person, I have been made to feel less than “normal”; as someone with a mental illness, I have had to defend the how and why of it far too much. Simply put, I’m sick of it all.

I’m finding myself more and more angry these days; more and more frustrated by a society that tells me how I am supposed to be and how I am supposed to act. So, I’m done listening to it. I’m done feeling guilty. And I am done apologizing.

I will no longer apologize for…..

Being open and honest about who I am and what my dreams and goals are.

Being loud, being a leader, and, yes, sometimes being the smartest person in the room.

Being a woman; a strong, bold, independent woman

Having a body full of imperfections; one that doesn’t meet the “ideal” which society tries to make me feel guilty for not obtaining.

Having an opinion.

Being bold and fierce and passionate about the things that matter to me.

Seeking out support when its needed, asking for help, and for falling down at times.

Not being able to be all things, all the time, to everyone because sometimes I only have enough for myself.

Days when I am not able to be “perky” or paste on a smile.

Those moments when I won’t back down from a fight.

Being wrong, because my failures and mistakes are my biggest opportunities for learning and growth.

Saying things how I see them.

Saying no to things.

Taking time to rest when I want to and trusting my own body and mind to tell me when that’s needed.

Giving my all to causes, projects, and work that matter to me.

Striving to see the good in everyone and not hating someone or something just because others feel I should.

Looking at all sides to a story and listening with an open heart, but also for those times when I forget to listen.

Being aggressive when the situation calls for it.

Mourning the losses in my life and letting myself feel them and cry about them whenever I want to.

Feeling whatever emotions I feel, even though you may disagree.

Being proud of myself and all that I have come through and accomplished.

This is me. In all my glories and imperfections….this is ME. I am who I am and no person, workplace, group, agency, or system is going to tell me to be something I am not. No one is going to make me feel guilty or ashamed for being me. I am done.


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