• sbak1976

True Colours

I see you now. I see what you truly are.

As someone who believes the good in everyone, you knew I would put my faith and trust in your words. Betrayal didn’t cross my mind, but here it is. You will only ever fool me once.

Trust is not mandated. Trust is earned.

When trust is broken it changes the colours your eyes see. Where once I saw gold, I now see grey. That is on you, not on me.

Words matter. Words spoken and not spoken.

Nothing you say will make me doubt my worth. I am strong and steady and can make magic happen. There is a power and fierceness in me you will never understand.

Actions mean everything. Actions taken and not.

I have earned my scars through battles fought much tougher than this one. Knock me down all you want. I’ll get up again and again and again.

Power is a privilege. Power means nothing.

Leading from the heart is everything. At the end of the day, if I am as poor as a church mouse, I will be the richer person for I let my heart lead the way. I stand on no pedestal and seek no throne. I am shoulder to shoulder with my true tribe.

Colours surround us. Colours shine through.

I have seen your true colours; ugly, bleak, and dark. I will keep shining in shades of majestic purple and vibrant red. I walk this life path shoulder to shoulder with those who shine with me.

I see you. I see your true colours now. But most important, I see mine.


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