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What You Don't See

You see me smiling

Being a chatterbox

Tackling projects and goals

You don’t see

The panicked moments

Tears streaming down

Feeling like a failure

You see many who know me

Who say kind words

And my gratitude for that

You don’t see

Me wondering if they truly like me

If I look like a fool

Still feeling like the loneliest person in the world

You see me playing Aunty

To so many precious ones

Whom I all love dearly

You don’t see

My worry they will one day

Not want me anymore or

Be embarrassed by who I am

You see me work hard

Try to make a difference

And be better every day

What you don’t see

Is the girl who feels like nothing she does matters

That despite all my efforts

My existence is meaningless

You see me advocate

For those who have no voice

Or need someone to walk beside them

What you don’t see

Are the voices saying nothing will change

The bitterness of the fight

Screaming into the void with frustration

You see me stand strong

Fight each day to be okay

And live authentically

What you don’t see

Is the fear of being vulnerable

Of how I will be perceived

Wondering if I’m a laughing stock

All these things and more, you don’t see


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